Biennale di Venezia 2024

Grenada Pavilion


As a person who lived in many countries, I was permeated by many cultures, I express the different aspects of the human experience, allowing my love for humanity to come directly from my heart into my art.

What differentiates me from other artists is that I channel art by allowing it to reveal it's true colours and shapes without trying to control the outcome. Instead my art pieces grow organically.

The conclusion I come to every time I complete a piece is that love is the only tool that can connect all the dots.

My true love of creativity allows me to use shapes and colours as a trampoline from which I erase the concept of not belonging. By depicting multi-cultured approaches it becomes clear that we are all foreigners everywhere; and simultaneously that there are no foreigners anywhere.


Individual colours like humans, can be appreciated in contrast to one another. Hues overlap yet retain their own tonality. Art stands alone, yet only comes to existence when observed.

The theme of this year's Biennale: “Foreigners Everywhere”, evokes the notion of exile and human migration which is now a norm all over the planet. Migrant souls or Third Culture Persons have travelled from their ancestor's lands to a second, third or fourth culture. As no human is an island, we can survive isolated but we thrive in communities.

My ancestors are originally from Lebanon. Part of the family migrated to Argentina, and the other to the Caribbean. I am a third generation Grenadian, who has lived in various European countries and is now based between Europe & Grenada. I am often viewed as a foreigner who is exiled from her origins but have always felt at home everywhere.

Love englobes everyone no matter where they come from.


Materials: Nail varnish, Posca markers, Oil pastels, Watercolours, Acrylics, Natural pigments, Sand, Gold leaf, Glass & any other mediums.

Filo Pastry / Multilayered Art: The reason the artist considers it multilayered is because there are at least three stages before the final version. The artist starts by painting an original piece, then photographs it, prints it onto a much larger canvas, which is then repainted entirely.

Words From The Artist: “Having completed an original painting, I photograph it and print on a much larger canvas.Repainting the enlarged digitalised version of the original art piece, a completely new take on the original painting comes to life. No two are ever the same. Although the photo canvas is developed to different sizes and shapes and is then painted again from scratch in different tones creating different moods, one can still detect the original blueprint”.

Revolving Art: Another technique I often use, is turning the canvas around various times while painting, so that it can be hung horizontally or vertically, and still make sense.


Sensing Spaces


Smelling Wet Grass


Feeling Energy


Touching Passion


Seeing Magic